Talk about an amazing friendly and caring dentist….Dr. Ambrossio is fantastic and provides you with personal care. She gets to know her patients. My 2 year old son has never been so chill and happy at the dentist until we found her. Also, the rest of the staff is incredible. I wish I had this… read more

Sharonda P.

Routine cleaning for my soon to be 5 yo. Been coming here since my daughter was 3 & the staff here are so warm & loving. Thank you, Dr. Ambrosio, Emma & Brenda for always making us feel good.

Mia D.

Dr. Femme Ambrosio is always easy to be reached in case we have an emergency or we have some kind of teeth troubles. Staff members are so kind as always whenever we visit (on appointment or not) and whenever just to say “hi”! We love them so much we invited them for a campus visit,… read more

Layla F.

Dr. Ambrosio is amazing! Took my 2 1/2 year old in for his first dentist visit and I am shocked at how well it went. If you know anything about toddlers, you know that they are usually all over the place and not the most cooperative, especially with someone wanting to see inside their mouth…. read more

Pradeep M.

Great staff and doctor. This place is park for kids, my son loves to be here and waits for his bi-annual check up. The staffs are very friendly and flexible with appointments. Since we are working couple, they accommodate us to the last appointment and do not mind the extra time. Dr A is like… read more

Gina B

Omg I just realized I haven’t reviewed yet. This place is on POINT. Wouldn’t even consider taking my kids anywhere else. Love that I am bringing my children to a gentle mama to take care of their teeth. She really knows how to get my children to feel totally comfortable & feel cared for. Love… read more

Tiffany A.

Loved Dr. Femme Ambrosio and staff! I had so many friends that recommended elite dentistry and everything they said was true! When I called to schedule my appointment for my daughter they took my information and my insurance information to pre-verify everything would be fine for our visit. I was happy to find out they… read more

Cheryl N.

I couldn’t be any more happier with her incredible service! Dr. Ambrosio is the best, and she has far exceeded my expectations! I took my daughter here for her first dental appointment. I didn’t know what I was thinking when I didn’t add her to my dental insurance plan, but fortunately, I saw an ad… read more

Kyle V.

My daughter had a great experience at her dental appointment today. She is very particular who touches her and she allowed Dr. Ambrosio and Kelsie her super awesome assistant get inside her mouth! She followed everything Dr. Ambrosio asked her to do. Dr. Ambrosio and her team have a way with kids and my dayghter… read more