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Talk about an amazing friendly and caring dentist….Dr. Ambrossio is fantastic and provides you with personal care. She gets to know her patients. My 2 year old son has never been so chill and happy at the dentist until we found her.

Also, the rest of the staff is incredible.

I wish I had this kind of experience while going to the dentist growing up… I’m so jealous of my kid

KC W. Yelp

Routine cleaning for my soon to be 5 yo. Been coming here since my daughter was 3 & the staff here are so warm & loving. Thank you, Dr. Ambrosio, Emma & Brenda for always making us feel good.

Sharonda P. Yelp

Dr. Femme Ambrosio is always easy to be reached in case we have an emergency or we have some kind of teeth troubles. Staff members are so kind as always whenever we visit (on appointment or not) and whenever just to say “hi”! We love them so much we invited them for a campus visit, all first graders loved it! First grader teachers were all in awe of overwhelming writings from kids about pediatric dentistry. We thank you, because you have showed us nothing but kindness and SMILE!

Mia D. Yelp

Dr. Ambrosio is amazing! Took my 2 1/2 year old in for his first dentist visit and I am shocked at how well it went. If you know anything about toddlers, you know that they are usually all over the place and not the most cooperative, especially with someone wanting to see inside their mouth. My son sat, had a thorough exam, got his teeth cleaned AND flossed all without any complaining or bribing. So glad that this first visit really set the tone with such a positive experience and he isn’t scared to come to the dentist.

Layla F. Yelp

Great staff and doctor. This place is park for kids, my son loves to be here and waits for his bi-annual check up.

The staffs are very friendly and flexible with appointments. Since we are working couple, they accommodate us to the last appointment and do not mind the extra time.

Dr A is like our family friend, she does a great job and my kid is going here for more than 4 years and never had any issues. At the same time she never scares us for any unwanted reasons.

Kids love it here because, great doctor, friendly staff, fortune wheel, video games and other toys to play.

I wish even adults have this kind of facility

Pradeep M. Yelp

Omg I just realized I haven’t reviewed yet. This place is on POINT. Wouldn’t even consider taking my kids anywhere else. Love that I am bringing my children to a gentle mama to take care of their teeth. She really knows how to get my children to feel totally comfortable & feel cared for. Love Dr Ambrosio.

Gina B Yelp

Loved Dr. Femme Ambrosio and staff!

I had so many friends that recommended elite dentistry and everything they said was true!

When I called to schedule my appointment for my daughter they took my information and my insurance information to pre-verify everything would be fine for our visit. I was happy to find out they took our insurance and was scheduled a visit within three weeks of my call.

When we arrived to our appointment the place was very clean and inviting. My daughter did exceptional well with Dr. Ambrosio. I honestly thought my daughter was going to throw a fit and wouldn’t let someone she didn’t know take a look at her teeth. I was very surprised that not only was Dr. Ambrosio was able to keep my daughter calm, she was able to get a good look at my daughters teeth and make her feel very comfortable.

After the visit my daughter was able to spin a prize wheel for a choice of several toy goodies as a prize for doing well and we left with a welcome bag, a new toothbrush toothpaste and a little toy.

Overall great experience! I highly recommend if you’re looking for a dentist for your child and want great service and a wonderful experience this is definitely a place to take into consideration.

Tiffany A. Yelp

I couldn’t be any more happier with her incredible service! Dr. Ambrosio is the best, and she has far exceeded my expectations! I took my daughter here for her first dental appointment. I didn’t know what I was thinking when I didn’t add her to my dental insurance plan, but fortunately, I saw an ad of hers from the 92127 magazine, which stated that the first consultation would be free of charge for children under 24 months. I thought that was an incredible deal, and of course, I couldn’t pass on this offer.

Her office is completely kid friendly!. She has two fun playrooms for the kids to enjoy such as video games, ipads, puzzles, etc. We sat and had our meeting with Dr. Ambrosio in one of the two rooms whlie my daughter was busily playing beside us . She sat in one of the little kids chairs while talking to us. It was a casual yet warm atmosphere, and I just thought it was great!

When she went to check on my daughter’s teeth, she also cleaned, brushed, and flossed them, which I believe isn’t included in the free consultation but she waived the fee for us! Not only was she informative with what we had to do, but we also loved how she and her sweet staff made my daughter’s first-time experience such a memorable and special one. She is naturally great with kids.

I actually cannot wait to see her at our next 6 months appointment My daughter is so lucky. Dr. Ambrosio, I wish I could have you as my dentist too!

Cheryl N. Yelp

My daughter had a great experience at her dental appointment today. She is very particular who touches her and she allowed Dr. Ambrosio and Kelsie her super awesome assistant get inside her mouth! She followed everything Dr. Ambrosio asked her to do. Dr. Ambrosio and her team have a way with kids and my dayghter who is not even 3 years old can not wait for her next dental visit. She just cant stop talking about her experience at Dr. Ambrosio’s office. Thank you for making my daughter feel comfortable, at ease, and at home in your office! You guys are the best!

Kyle V. Yelp